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When is it required?

IVF is required in case of female infertility which can be due to many reasons such as tubal defect, severe endometriosis, advanced age of the woman, polycystic ovaries, repeated pregnancy loss or sometimes the reason is unknown and unexplained. In conventional IVF, the male parameters are normal after semen and hormone analysis.


Under the guidance of sonography, the eggs from the female partner is retrieved out of the ovaries with the help of a needle. It is done under anesthesia, hence it is not painful. The egg is then kept in a dish where there is similar environment as in the womb. The sperms are separated from the semen sample, provided by the male partner. The healthiest sperms are processed and mixed with the eggs. The dish is then kept in incubator for 48 hours to 72 hours to allow fertilization. For blastocyst transfer, we do it for 120 hrs (5 days).

How long is the treatment?

Since there is no surgery, a hospital stay is not required. A nearby hotel accommodation is most suited for couples coming from out of town. The required stay could be around 10 to 20 days. In case of foreign nationals, the stay can be as long as frequent visits are required.


The infertility treatment in clinic starts from first visit i.e. 21st day of the cycle. The fertility specialist prescribes subcutaneous injection to be injected for fifteen to twenty days. Or he may prescribe one depot injection and call you back after15 days.

The second visit is required after fifteen to twenty days. During the second visit, a sonography and some blood tests are conducted to check the status of uterus lining and the ovaries. Another group of injection called gonadotropins is then prescribed which must be injected for 10 -12 days.

After 7/8 days when the injections are ended, the gonadotropin and sonography and/or blood tests are done again for the evaluation of the growth of the egg-containing follicles.

Upon the maturity of the egg, one injection of hCG is given. Egg pickup is done 36 to 38 hours later under anesthesia. The process may take 10-15 minutes. The female has to be on empty stomach overnight. The semen is obtained from the male partner and sperm are prepared. Couple can leave after 2-3 hours after the procedure.

After 3-5 days the couple has to visit for embryo transfer a painless procedure. The lady has to rest for 2-3 hours after the transfer. For few days the female is advised to abstain from heavy work.

We are doing Blastocyst Transfer, On Day 5 or Day 6 (usually at the stage of partial hatching) Regularly.

Form the day of retrieval till pregnancy test are conducted the female is prescribed injections or vaginal capsules containing progesterone.

Pregnancy test is conducted 12 to 14 days after embryo transfer takes place either by blood test or through urine test for beta hCG.


As per year 2016 data the success rate is 65% among females aged 21 to 30 yrs. It 42.5 % in case of females aged 31 –35 years. And 22.1% in case of females aged 36 to 38 years per embryo transfer. The take-home-baby rate is 38.3% per embryo transfer.